Cowries of New South Wales


"Cowries of New South Wales" (160 pp.) was published in January 2016.  The book includes detailed information on the sixty one cowry species recorded from New South Wales and contains more than six hundred photographs.

The book is priced at A$38.00.  It is available through this website and from the following booksellers:

  • Australian Museum Shop, Sydney
  • Book Warehouse, Coffs Harbour
  • Book Warehouse, Yamba

The book includes information on the following:

  • Species identification
  • Species abundance and distribution
  • Size records
  • Species recorded by earlier authors
  • Taxonomy relating to NSW species
  • Origin of species names

Click HERE for information on ordering your copy of the book through this website.

Cowries of NSW Cover - Final Scan
cernica K
hungerfordi A
03A cribraria 35-5
ziczac E
testudinaria A
dissecta Ze